Stay at Hermes Cave Suites and Maximize Your Cappadocia Vacation

Stay at Hermes Cave Suites and Maximize Your Cappadocia Vacation

With the many towns and hotels in Cappadocia, one wonders which one to choose. Our suggestion is Uchisar town and Hermes Cave Suites with its breathtaking view. Here is a short history of this lovely town and the hotel.

Sitting near the highest point of central Cappadocia, this ancient fortress town is impossible to miss and offers amazing views. Named after its landmark rock tower/castle, Uchisar Castle.

The castle is a solid chunk of rock with a thinner offshoot; from a distance the two parts resemble a giant snail dragging its shell across the landscape

Uchisar Castle is the highest peak in Cappadocia region except the volcanoes and the most prominent land formation. A climb up the 120 steps to the summit of the fortress is a logical introduction to the rocky scapes of Cappadocia. Starting from the 1st century, Romans, Byzantines, Selcuks and Ottomans took advantage of the natural elevation of three of the area’s rock formations and used them as natural fortresses. Uchisar, together with Ortahisar and a rock castle at Urgup (now in ruins), provided the means for an early warning system using mirrors and lights, sending messages among the fortresses. Today the outer layers of Uchisar’s rock have been washed away by erosion to reveal a honeycombed structure of tunnels and cavities, rising above the man-made facades of the modern semi-troglodyte village. Recently discovered was a secret tunnel leading to the riverbed, which provided an emergency water supply in the event of an attack.

Hermes Cave Suites A very romantic cave hotel in Cappadocia, Uchisar where past meets present in a spectacular and unforgettable setting. The hotel is the result of great restoration process that involved cave-dwellings, buildings, narrow streets and courtyards and terraces thus creating a new concept of a hotel.

The hotel itself consists of 19 such Cave Suites rooms, King Suites, Junior Suites with views and a Cave Restaurant on the ground fllor and terrace lounce bar on the top floor with breath taking views of Uchisar Castle. Each room is different in style with an interior design that blends the original structure with authentic furnishings. All renovated a year ago with obsessive attention to detail and utter respect for the past.

Enjoy a unique and relaxing vacation at Hermes Cave Suits. Think of our front Office team as your personal concierge, ready to asist with special plans and create a memorable.